Will you survive the zombie war 2?

The day is coming. On 12-23-12, the dead will rise and only a select few will survive the impending Zombie Apocalypse.All of your casualties add to thier numbers. these are the living dead.

THE LIVING DEAD: First, they feel no pain or fear. no amount of rapid fire or psycho- weapons will work.zombies can be blown in half and still survive. to kill them you must destroy thier brains or rupture the skull. Those risen are the beginning. The people they bite and kill turn into the new wave of zombies. If you are bitten, there is no way to escape being turned. People with this knowledge are most likely to survive the living dead.

Created by: Shawn Flory

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your experience with firearms.
  2. Have you witnessed death?
  3. How far can you run
  4. How much gear can you carry?
  5. How do you handle intense situations?
  6. Are you easily attached to people
  7. Have you handled non-firearm ballistic weapons
  8. Which load is better?All come with a hatchett and your food and water
  9. How often do you target shoot?
  10. Do you have a mental illness.
  11. How often do you exercise?
  12. How much do you use electronic devices. eg, computer, radio, phones, telvision does no apply
  13. What is your position in most teams?
  14. How much do you value your material possessions
  15. How much do you know about Construction?
  16. Zombies are banging down your door. How long would it take you to reach a real weapon and have it loaded?
  17. Are you racist
  18. What melee weapon would you use.
  19. Have you hunted?
  20. What do you eat
  21. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: Your Father is trapped in a well barricaded house but has ran out of ammunition. there are 20 zombies waiting outside the house. you need a base but have just 3 people. What do you do?
  22. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: Your base was overrun, oddly, right after you left.Your supplies are out, but your base is at a strategic position and other survivors have been told over radio to come. do you:

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie war 2?