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Hi everyone! It's Spotatia the leopard again! (lol) Now meet my other friends, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Chica, Circus Baby, Candy Cadet, Lolbit, and Ennard, (not really)

But anyways, today we'll be meeting all of them and it's going to be fun! Just like every other FNAF adventure, be nice and careful and you'll survive, ok?

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. You here a knock at the door, you rush to the door and look at the time, it was 12:15am, you look through the pinhole, it's me, Spotatia, again. You open it. Me: "Hi Y/N! I'm inviting you on another adventure with me this time to Circus Baby's Pizza World, do you accept?"
  2. Me: "Ok, let's go." Then we teleport to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Sister Location. We go inside, and first run into Circus Baby. Circus Baby: "Well hello there! Who are you? I'm Circus Baby! Welcome." She smiles.
  3. Me: "Ok, where is everyone?" Circus Baby: "Foxy is-" Funtime Foxy: "Here!!" Circus Baby jumps slightly. Circus Baby: "AAAHHH! WHAT THE HECK, FOXY?!" Funtime Foxy: "Sorry! Not MY fault that you are a scaredy clown!" Me: "You know, you kind of scared me too, so anyways, meet our Quizzer, Y/N, and Y/N, meet Foxy."
  4. Circus Baby: "So ANYWAYS, before Foxy came out of nowhere and scared me, Freddy and Bon-Bon are-" Funtime Freddy: "Hello!!" Circus Baby jumps AGAIN. Funtime Freddy: "Did we scare you, Circus Baby?" Circus Baby: "I guess I AM a scaredy clown." Me: "This is Y/N."
  5. Then Candy Candet comes in the room. Candy Cadet: "Oh, a Quizzer?" Me: "Correct, their name is Y/N." Candy Cadet: "That's a nice name Y/N."
  6. Me: "Ok, um.. now..-where's Ennard?" Funtime Foxy: "And Lolbit?" Me: "ENNARD!" Ennard: "Yeah?" Me: "Our Quizzer is here now, just so you know, either miss out or come here." Ennard: "Miss out." Me: "Really?" Ennard: "Fine! I'm coming!" Lolbit walks into the room. Me: "Lolbit! There YOU are! We were wondering where you were!" Lolbit: "So this is our Quizzer? Hi, welcome, Quizzer."
  7. Ennard: "Ok, here, what do you want?" Me: "To meet Y/N, the one I have mentioned a lot of times." Ennard: "Whatever, hi."
  8. Me: "Ok, so now that you're here, what should we do, Y/N?" Ennard: "I have an idea, leave me alone." Me: "Anything BUT that." Ennard groans.
  9. Circus Baby: "I think we should play Truth Or Dare." We but Ennard nod. Ennard: "Whatever, fine." Me: "Ok, who first-" Funtime Chica: "Me now!" Me: "Oh! I'm so sorry! And meet Chica! Chica, this is Y/N, ok, let's play." Funtime Chica: "Truth Or Dare?"
  10. Ballora: "Ok, me now, right?" We all nod. Ballora: "Truth Or Dare?"
  11. Me: "Ok, now me, Y/N, truth or dare?"
  12. Candy Cadet: "My turn I guess, Y/N, Truth Or Dare?"
  13. So then we played for two more hours. Funtime Foxy: "Guys, I'm tired, can I go now?" Circus Baby: "Ok, fine." Lolbit: "Me, too." Ennard: "Finally! Me as WELL." Me: "Well.. I guess so, too. I guess we should go now, right, Circus Baby?" She nods. Me: "Ok." So we all went to sleep, it was 2:15am, are you sleeping, too?
  14. The next day, you wake up, but you feel eyes on you.. like someone is watching you, like someone is.. spying on you. You turn around, and see Ennard. He threatens you, what do you do?
  15. Either way, you ran. But then you look behind you and he's gone. Then you look in front of you and he's there. What do you do?
  16. Then me and Circus Baby see the scene. Me: "Ennard? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? GET AWAY FROM THEM!" Circus Baby: "ENNARD, STOP!" Ennard: "No." Me: "ARE YOU TRYING TO-" Ennard: "You're next." Me: "Survive, Y/N! We're getting the others!" Then we went to go get the others while you still had to survive him. Ennard: "Time to die, Y/N." What is your plan?
  17. Me and the others arrived. Candy Cadet: "Ennard, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" Ennard: "Trying to-" Me: "LEAVE Y/N ALONE ENNARD!" Ennard: "I'm afraid no." Me: "That's it." I teleport behind him and knock him out. Me: "Y/N! ARE YOU OK?!"
  18. Later on, you sadly have to leave now since it is now 5:30am, we all say bye.

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