Which Afton Are You? + Vincent Afton/Glitchtrap

HI THERE MORTAL. I mean... uh.... Hi!! Welcome to this quiz! Yeah I'm not losing my sanity and brain cells... Nope couldn't be me. Yeah I'm perfectly fine and don't make everything abot FNAF yep totally.... PLEASE HELP ME.

I have crippling depression. I'm also gay and have a wife. BTW you can call me Vincent, it's my nickname (I am also a girl BTW) Um also, There are 12 questions, and each is asked by a different Afton! I also forgot to mention that I Vincent is Glitchtrap, Mrs. Afton is Sunny/Ballora, C.C. is Chris/Shadow Freddy, William is Peepaw or Springtrap/Scraptrap/Burntrap, Michael is Eggs, and Elizabeth is Circus Baby/Scrap Baby.

Created by: Vincent&Quincy!
  1. Me: Okay, who wants to ask the first question? Michael: Can I please ask first? Me: Of course! Ask away Eggs! Michael: Okay, What is your favorite color?
  2. Me: Okay, who next? Elizabeth: Me! Chris: No, me! Elizabeth: I said it first! Me: Okay, okay. Elizabeth, you can ask first, then C.C. can after you. Elizabeth: Yay!! Okay, what is your favorite food out of these options?
  3. Me: Alright Chris, you are up! Chris: Okay, what do you like to do in your freetime?
  4. Me: Alright, who next? Sunny: May I ask a question? Me: Of course! Sunny: Thank you dear, who is your favorite Afton?
  5. Me: Alright, William? Vincent? One of you needs to ask a question. Vincent: *reading a magazine on how to build an arcade machine* Hm...? Oh, I can ask a question I guess. Me: Okay, ask away Glitchtrap! Vincent: What is your favorite FNAF game?
  6. Me: Okay, William! Your turn to ask! William: Okay, Which of these is your favorite animatronic?
  7. Me: You guys can ask again now! Michael: can I ask another question please? Me: sure! Michael: Are you mentally stable? Me: uhhh...
  8. Me: Who next? William: can I ask again? Me: Yep! William: Do you like toast?
  9. Me: Who else wants to ask, and make sure it's a better question than "Do you like toast?" William: HEYY AT LEAST I TRIED!! Vincent: can I ask another question? Me: Go on ahead Glitchtrap! Vincent: Will you join me in the Master Plan? Dawko: Oh hi! You summoned me? Vincent: Oh, hi Lewis! Me: DAWKO MARRY MEEE!!!!!!!
  10. Me: Alrighty! Three questions to go! Circus Baby: Can I ask again? Me: Yes! Go on ahead! Circus Baby: If you had to choose, which of these would you want to have as a sibling?
  11. Me: 2 more questions to go! C.C.: May I please ask again? Me: Sure! C.C.: Okay, what is one thing you regret in life?
  12. Me: Last question! Mrs. Afton, do you want to ask again? Sunny: No dear, but it is the last question so really you should ask. Me: Oh, okay! Um... Did you enjoy this quiz? and also, thank you for playing and I hope you enjoyed! Bye!!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton am I? + Vincent Afton/Glitchtrap