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Hi everyone! Spotatia here again! (Not really!) Let's find out who loves you by doing this fun quiz! It would make more sense to do the Will You Survive FNAFSL first before doing this quiz but it doesn't REALLY matter.

But anyways, I hope you get your wanted result if not, then you can always try again in the future, then you MIGHT get your wanted result, but anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. Wanting to have some pizza, you go to Circus Baby's Pizza World and enter the building. Then you see us. What do you do?
  2. If you said 'Walk out' then might as well leave this quiz. Me: "So welcome back, Y/N! But now that you're here, let's interegate the boys to see who likes you! Ok?"
  3. Me: "Ok, Ennard, you will be first to intereogate, we discussed this." Ennard: "Ugh, whatever." Me: "So Ennard, what's your favorite color?" His eyes go black. Me: "Uh.. oh, ofcourse the 'boring' question, just answer please." His eyes turn normal.
  4. Me: "Ok Y/N, your turn now." What should you ask him?
  5. Me: "Ok, Freddy, your turn." Funtime Freddy: "Ok." Me: "I'm sorry, but I have to ask, what's your favorite color?"
  6. Me: "Y/N, your turn."
  7. Me: "Ok, Foxy, your turn." Funtime Foxy: "Ok, ready." Me: "Expect it, and accept it, I will ask this a LOT because 1: it's my favorite question, and 2: because I have to, but what is your favorite color?"
  8. Me: "Y/N, your turn to ask Foxy a question." What should you ask him?
  9. Me: "Ok, now-" Funtime Foxy: "Shouldn't we interogate Y/N?" Me: "Ok.. I guess, I have never done this before. Let's see here.. Y/N, what's your favorite color?"
  10. Me: "Ok, Foxy, your question?" Funtime Foxy: "YOUR ice cream flavour?"
  11. Me: 'Ok, Freddy, your turn." Funtime Freddy: "Favorite event?"
  12. Me: "Ennard?" Ennard: "Annoying thing?"
  13. Me: "Ok, that's all now. Now one at a time me and the boys will talk in a different room, Ennard, you first." Ennard: "Ok. Whatever." What do you do meanwhile?
  14. A few minutes later: me and Funtime Freddy come into the room. Me: "Ok, I know who likes yooouuu!!! Come."

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