Will FNAF And FNAFSL Get Along?

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Hi everyone! Spotatia here again, (lol) today the normal and funtime versions are going to meet eachother, and our goal is to make sure there is peace between the two versions, ok?

But anyways, I hope we succeed and please go see my other account Sen51 and to rate on my quizzes and comment, ty if you do, the pictures were made by me by the way.

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. You are going to the pizzaria, what are you thinking of buying here?
  2. You walk inside, then you run into me. Me: "Hi!"
  3. Me: "So anyways, today, someone people are coming over today! And the goal is to make sure they get along! Do you want to help?"
  4. So then we go further inside. Everyone from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is sitting at the table. Me: "Hi everyone, look! Remember Y/N?" Everyone nods. Me: "Well then Y/N, say hi!"
  5. I see them at the entance door. Me: "They're here, I'll be right back." Everyone: "Ok." I come back in with all the.. Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics! Everyone looked like they were about to cringe. Me: "It's ok! Meet the Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics-" Springtrap: "Nice make up!" We all glare at him as he laughs. Me: "Springtrap take that back NOW." Springtrap: "NO!"
  6. Circus Baby: "Why are we even here?" Springtrap: "Yeah!" Me: "SHUT UP SPRINGY." Springtrap: "DON'T. YOU. DARE. CALL. ME. THAT." Me: "Your fault." He frowns. Me: "Why you are here is to-"
  7. Me: "Don't mind Springy-" Springtrap: "STOP CALLING ME THAT." Me: "As long as you be nice to them." Springtrap: "Fine." Me: "Don't mind him, he's a little rude." Springtrap: "A 'little'?" Me: "So ANYWAYS, meet Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Mangle, Puppet, Foxy, Golden Fred-" Ennard: "HURRY UP." Me: "Seriously? So anyways, Golden Freddy, and you probably know by now, Springtrap." Freddy: "Hi! Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! It is nice to meet all of you." Circus Baby: "Thanks for inviting us here." Freddy: "You are welcome. -Well, this sort of was Y/N's idea."
  8. Me: "So, what do you guys want to do-" Ennard: "LEAVE." Me: "Except THAT idea." Chica and Funtime Chica: "PIZZAAAAAAAAAAA-" Me: Ok, ok! Pizza then, JEEZ." Chica and Funtime Chica: "YAY!" So we all make pizza, after we've put the pizza in the oven, we sat at the table, trying to thing of a hobby we could ALL do. Me: "Anyone have ANY ideas?" Freddy: What about sing?" Springtrap: "No how about?" Me: "YES how about? What do you say, Y/N?"
  9. So we sing for a bit then the pizza is done. Ennard: "FINALLY." I roll my eyes. Funtime Chica And Chica race to the kitchen to eat the WHOLE thing which luckily did NOT happen. Then we ate the pizza like how NORMAL animatronics and people do. Then I looked at the time and it was 2:30am. Me: "Ok, what now?" Funtime Freddy: "Knock knock." Everyone except Springtrap and Ennard: "Who's there?" Funtime Freddy: "A birthday boy!" Ballora: "Seriously?" Funtime Foxy: "Knock knock." Everyone: 'Who's there?" Funtime Foxy: "A jumpscare!" Everyone laughs. You: "Knock knock." Everyone: "Who's there?"
  10. We played knock knock for a while, you looked up at the time and it was 3:00am. Me: "Now what should we do?" Funtime Freddy: "PARTY!" Ballora: "No." Funtime Freddy: "Party pooper, but hey, is there a birthday kid?" Freddy: "No, but annoying Balloon Boy." Me: "He's not THAT annoying, right, Y/N?"
  11. Freddy: "Ok, whatever you say, Spotatia." Me: "I'm just saying, anyways, anyone want to play Truth Or Dare?" Everyone: "Sure." Bon-Bon: "YAY! My favorite GAME!!" So we play Truth Or Dare for a bit until 4:00am, you are getting tired, so you tell everyone then they let you go to sleep. What are you dreaming right now?
  12. The next day you wake up ofcourse, you slept in until 1:00pm, you walk around for bit, everyone is asleep, what are your plans?
  13. You wake up at 3:05pm everyone is still asleep, what do you do now?
  14. So after you've done doing or tried doing your activity, it is now 3:30pm, what do you want to do now?
  15. Later on, it is now 6:00pm, you finally decide to go back to sleep, then you wake up at 12:00am, the others are awake now. Everyone has pizza, EXCEPT Ennard and Springtrap, what do you do?
  16. Either way, after a while of them not showing up, you go see what they're up to. They are in the security guard office, looking at the cameras, but why? That doesn't matter, all that matters is that they saw you and you have to do something, FAST. You know what happened back at Circus Baby's with Ennard, and what happened here with Springtrap, but with BOTH of them? Yikes. What do you do?
  17. Either way, they got you, now you are trapped inside the security guard office, why? You try to get out, but it won't work. Then you hear something: Ennard: "It's time to have some REAL fun." Springtrap: "Yeah." You look around for the button for the doors but it's no where in the office, so clearly one of them out there has it. then the doors open, and Springtrap and Ennard are standing in front of the door. Springtrap: "It's time to do your job, Y/N." What do you do?
  18. Either way, after a while, they jumpscare you. Almost you-don't-want-to-knowed you. You scream. Then we come in. Lolbit: "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Me: "Are. You. Kidding. Me?" Ennard: "Oh, come on, we just wanted to have a little fun." Him and Springtrap evily grin at you. Me: "Springy, -" Springtrap: "I said don't-" Me: "And you deserve to be called Springy, Springy." Springtrap: "SHUT UP!" Me: "No, so Springy and Ennard, we ALL need to talk." Springtrap: "How come HE gets to be called his normal name?!" Me: "Fine, Enny and Springy then, we are going to talk, now Y/N, are you ok?"
  19. So me, Enny, and Springy all go to one of the tables and talk. Circus Baby: "Ennard, why did you guys attack Y/N?" Enny: "Because we were having fun." She sighs. Ballora: "Um.. ok?" Me: "Why didn't you just play tag or hide and seek with Y/N?" Springy: "Because.. we didn't want to.." Me: "Guys, Y/N is our friend, we don't hurt them." Enny: "They aren't OUR friend." Me: "Why?" Springy: "Because they are dumb, just like you." Ballora: "Seriously?" Springy: "And why not?" Me: "Because.. let's break it to you, we AREN'T." Enny: "YOU can think so." Me: "And I know so." Enny and Spring roll their eyes. Me: "Enny and Springy, just don't let it happen again." Springy: "As long as you NEVER call me Springy again." Enny: "Or me Enny again." Me: "Ok, fine, deal." Ennard and Springtrap: "FINALLY." I smile. At least they FINALLY got a friend of their kind, before they met, they both were lonely, having to hang around with others they don't like, right? At least they have smiles now. Right? What do YOU think? Later you had to go. Me: "Thankyou for coming but it's now 5:30am, you should go now, bye! Everyone but Ennard and Springtrap: "Bye!"

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