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  • 22% lol cool quiz

    Kittypaw101 Jun 23 '15, 10:35PM
  • "You won't even get a parking ticket" at least i wont lose any cash

    rayvan16 Jun 23 '15, 2:53PM
  • 31% LOL!

    Mysterious Cat Jun 22 '15, 2:00PM
  • 22% chance

    volleyballpro13 Jun 15 '15, 10:10PM
  • 22% chance

    volleyballpro13 Jun 15 '15, 10:09PM
  • 0%... I feel disappointed somehow *sigh*

    Ponyjuice Jun 13 '15, 12:53PM
  • yay 0%

    Eleanor Rules Jun 3 '15, 7:44PM
  • 49 o God IM ONLY TEN

    Lpspopularlover Jun 1 '15, 8:17PM
  • 0% I'm safe. XD

    littlepie2000 May 30 '15, 7:59PM
  • 0% No chance :D yay

    MooMoo31 May 29 '15, 7:48PM
  • Thankyou guys :)

    Lus Henrique - This is an American quiz site mainly used by people in The West, so it never crossed my mind to specify that it applied to only Western countries.

    chocolatefrog May 29 '15, 12:40PM
  • 2%. That's very encouraging.

    Hiccstrid May 29 '15, 11:43AM
  • Hello every body.
    If you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, I've got the quiz for you!

    My quiz is called, "What element are you?" I have to admit that I'm sort of a medieval-greek so in my intro you meet this who's like a wizard. His name is Maddios and he is the Elemenalist. The Elemenalist is a lot like the Avatars from the show "Avatar: the last air bender". Just a little different. The Elemenalist study and masters all FIVE elements, which are Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit.

    In this quiz, sadly, you don't become the Elemenalist. Maddios, the current Elemenalist, gives you a test to take, which helps you see and find out what element you end up having, or "being". For example, I got 87% Spirit, there for, I am supposed to become a Spirit Adept.

    Like I said, if you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, you should consider trying out my quiz.

    -- hadesman1012

    hadesman101 May 29 '15, 12:35AM
  • 12%.

    But this quiz presuposes an orderly, democratic State. Thing would be different for those living in Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

    Lus Henrique May 28 '15, 9:58AM
  • 6%. Maybe, I'll just go 4 a visit 2 experience prison life 4 a day...:p

    Hide and seek May 26 '15, 5:50AM
  • 16%

    qwerty123456789 May 26 '15, 5:16AM
  • 18% chance. good!

    DreamOfNight May 26 '15, 12:50AM
  • 22% Chance. .o.

    TheLoveOfBands May 25 '15, 11:38PM

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