Will you get that job?

this quiz is taken by people who want to find out if they will get the job they seek well some come out successfully well some don't take this quiz to find out if you will

note;this quiz is 50% accurate so sorry if your result is not so good well i am not GOD so if you don't agree with the results well please do comment on it

Created by: boss baby

  1. Before i start why do you want this job?
  2. As you walk into the hall you see a girl who did not get the job you react___?
  3. Sir...?
  4. Which of there is the job you desire?
  5. Are you smart?
  6. You walk into the office wearing a____?
  7. Are you eager to get this job?
  8. Are you experienced?
  9. now is your employer----?
  10. now go in and get that job!!

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Quiz topic: Will I get that job?