Will I Like You? (Guys only)

I'm a teenage girl who is really desperate for love, my parents favored my siblings more than me, but now. I'm at the right age to seek for my prince who will love me (I know you're just bored)

Are you my prince? Are you my knight in shining armor? Why not find out by taking this quiz..I'm not forcing you. But aren't you curious for your results?

Created by: No one
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On our first date, where would you take me?
  2. What is the best eanderment?
  3. You saw me walking and talking to another guy that you don't know, what will you say?
  4. What will you do when some guy tries to flirt me?
  5. My friends decided to buy me a dress for a party that shows some skin..you?
  6. Ok, I ran out of questions so, I'm just gonna ask you about yourself..how old are you exactly? I'm 16.
  7. What does your hair looks? Mine is shoulder length black,curly and wavy natural hair
  8. What is the color of your eyes? Mine is chocolate brown
  9. Your nose? I have a button nose.
  10. Lips? Mine is small full natural pink lips
  11. Height? Mine is 5'0
  12. So that's all..bye!

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