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  • Ohhh yay!!!!! I'm 87% popular! Totally excited! I was hoping I'd have a lot of potential since I'm going to a new school in September and I want to make a great first impression and have loads of friends :)

    Awesome quiz, thank you!!!

  • Im 83% popular! I'm so glad tho because I'm starting a new school in 2 weeks that has 1200 students and I've been working on my glo up! (lol) and I'm ready to wow every1 with my 1st impression and rule the school! So its gr8 2 hear that I have the potential! :)

  • 91% popular???? i used to live in a small town my school was not big eonugh for there to be populars and outcasts!!! everyone was everyones frend.i am going to a new school this year with 1000 kids!!!! so appearenlt i will be popular if this quiz is accurate......

  • I'll be in 7th grade and it says I MIGHT be popular... I highly doubt that...


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