Will You Be Good At magic

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This quiz to see how good you are at magic to help you learn or practice Things in Magic Class. Can you fail Let's See in the sea if you can Do this good Luck.

Learn Magic Math. So lets learn About Math. So I wish you Luck at the math that makes no sense . So Your Gonna Be good because it has fun In it so you can be good:)

Created by: Tyler

  1. What do if you stop the magic?
  2. How to you activate your powers
  3. then you sleep_____.
  4. Create objects by __________.
  5. How to you fly
  6. How to you hide it
  7. What is the right answer to this magic math question 5@9
  8. Whats the answer to the Magic Math Question 77&13
  9. How does Magic Math for & Work?
  10. what to you no't do.

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Quiz topic: Will I Be Good At magic