will you be able to survive on a battlefield?

well here your gonna test your chances of survival like if you could make it back alive in one piece you think you got the skills if you think so take this quiz its really fun.

so you think you can score high ..think you got high chances of survival well lets see then ...ok im out off things to say...again lol..hope you enjoy this quiz

Created by: vip_55

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  1. which of the following would you prefer fighting for ?
  2. would you prefer to ride a tank ?
  3. you are in the battlefield and just noticed a grenade right next to you how do you react ?
  4. lets say you ran away fast and ended up in the enemy base what do you do?
  5. you were asked to spy on the enemy unarmed and without any protection you..
  6. you are hiding in a trench when you hear someone shouts "enemy RPG's" you...
  7. you are out of ammo and the enemy's approaching you what do you do?
  8. you just noticed a sniper on the rooftop of a building aiming right at you what do you do ?
  9. you just got shot what do you do?
  10. last question:which would you prefer grenades machine guns or tanks?

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Quiz topic: Will I be able to survive on a battlefield?