Will You Be a Pro Barrel Racer ?

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There are many good riders but few are perfect, don't get upset about this quiz, just go and try your best at every thing you try in life and practice, learn, live.

You probably couldn't wait for the results and sorry if your very disappointed with this quiz results and better luck next time.. Hope you enjoyed the quiz.

Created by: emilytaylor
  1. What do you want to become pro in ?
  2. What is the best two breeds to barrel race with ??
  3. What type of ground is the best for barrel racing ?
  4. What saddle are you supposed to use for barrel racing ?
  5. What is the best time to get for barrel racing ??
  6. What color horse is faster at barrel racing ?
  7. Does your horse have to be reg to be pro in the wpra ?
  8. Do you even ride horses ?
  9. What is a barrel in barrel racing used for ?
  10. Do you think you will be pro ?

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Quiz topic: Will I Be a Pro Barrel Racer ?