Barrel Racing Trivia - 2008 Edition

The 2008 Barrel Racing season was an exciting one. We've assembled a list of ten questions to see if you are a true student and fan of this great sport.

So what are you made of? do you have the chops to score a 100 percent on this tough quiz? Oh, and no cheating! We know the answers are out there on the big bad Interweb...but how will you do without it?

Created by: Jay Biibs
  1. What was the first event of the 2008 season?
  2. Who had the best time in the BRAT's New Years event?
  3. What was the best time at the Jurassic Winter Classic turned in by Real Famous Abby?
  4. On March 16, 2008 which event was held?
  5. Who came away as the big winner at the Bayou Classic in 2008?
  6. How much did Kayci win at the Bayou Classic?
  7. What was the difference in time between 1st and 9th place at the 2008 Bayou Classic?
  8. Where was the 2008 Toys For Tots event held?
  9. Aside from prize money, what did first place winner Haylie Guthrie take home with the Toys For Tots victory?
  10. How many total events were there in 2008?

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