how well do you know asphalt racing?

many legends of stock car racing have come and gone, but they will always live on in our hearts. why do people love it so much? its unexplainable. maybe its the heart pounding feel, or the smell of burning rubber, or the huge amount of adrenaline. know one ever knows, but its something that will be a prt of peoples lives for the rest of eternity.

do you think you know asphalt racing? are you positive that your an expert on asphalt? well, you can find out by taking this quiz. this is the ultimate test between actually knowing asphalt, and faking your way through conversations.

Created by: cassie
  1. what is the north south shootout?
  2. what does sst stand for?
  3. which class has the most horsepower?
  4. what was richie evans nickname?
  5. in circle track asphalt racing, where should most of your weight be?
  6. what is camber?
  7. what is dale earnhardt's nickname?
  8. what number was tommy druar?
  9. what number was tony jankowiak?
  10. how were tony jankowiak and tommy druar related?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know asphalt racing?