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  • I got a 100% Because i daydream about him for real i have issues but he is my love of my life i would do anything to make him happy.

    Thunderising May 2 '16, 2:37AM
  • Well.....i hope he will but if he didnt i would ask if we could still be friends...i am a very big kakashi fan...but not a fan girl......but i would never pick any one else from naruto kakashi 100%....i guess im kinda like rin....^>^ kool...

    kakarin Nov 24 '11, 3:33PM
  • hey 2 i'v been here and still love it and i forgot my password wich name is peytonlover

    peytonlover2 Jan 19 '09, 11:02PM
  • hey love kakashi to talk to me go to love kakashi fan club

    PEYTONLOVER Jan 10 '09, 1:06PM
  • omg he'll so date me the thing soys so an sorry to break it to all you fann girls but :'( kakashi :'( Died :'( For :'( Choji :'(.

    shikamaru fan999 Nov 23 '08, 2:30PM
  • yessssssssss

    Dunno Aug 4 '08, 11:34AM

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