Will i get him?

Almost everyone will have a crush at some point, and people, mostly girls, are wanting to know if they will get the crush of their dreams. But! There is one possable way to find out! Take this Quiz!

Valentines day is coming round the corner, and in a few seconds, you could answer 13 questions dedicated to the topic! Your day-dreaming is finally over!

Created by: OmegaWolf

  1. What is your Favourite style?
  2. Do you two talk at all?
  3. Does he ever try to make you laugh?
  4. Are you two friends?
  5. How much do you two have in common?
  6. Has he done anything dumb, to talk to you?
  7. Does he give you a nickname?
  8. What type of girl are you?
  9. Has he ever talked to his friends about you, and Looked back at you?
  10. Does he already have girlfriend, or a crush?
  11. Do you both like the same music, or even songs?

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