Will a muffin make granny jumper scream toast?

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WEEEEEOOOOOOOO! Duh. I mean "HI"! =)

Boomdeadaboomdeada. This will not tell you anything. I'm only writing this so I look like I know what I am doing and saying. Don't read this! This last sentence will not tell you anything!

Created by: JustCallMeDevastated
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  1. If my mom and Sire chester have a ball, will toast milk a cow?
  2. Girls are guys, but without _____. (Fill in the blank.)
  3. Muffins?
  4. Ok. So.. Gramma X Uncle + Peanut Butter = ?
  5. Ooops. The quiz is over .
  8. Only 55,670,980,007 questions left!
  9. Did UncleMommy pick up butter or jam + undies?
  10. Last question!
  11. Fooled you! No, actually, this is the last question!
  12. Kay, actually this is the last question!

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