Wich breyer horse are you

there are many breyer horses but what breyer horse will you be? a fast smart one like the black stallion. or a slow calm one like sucescion. find out in this quiz

in this quiz you will find out what breyer horse you wounld be. in a few minutes you can find out what beutiful breyer you will become. so please take this quiz

Created by: hannah

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if your owner says (( come on time to go for a long trail ride)) you think
  2. what if you thought you herd you owner talking about selling you ( but she/he wasint) but you thought he/she was
  3. what if a new horse came to the barn what would you do?
  4. what colar do you like best
  5. what skill in horseriding do you like
  6. whats your favorite breed.
  7. what your favorive food
  8. favorive drink
  9. do you like horse girl 34 on howrse. does not effect awnser
  10. do you collect beryer does not effect awneser

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