Which Breyer Horse Are You?

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Do you like Breyer Horses? Then this Is the perfect quiz for you! I've gathered Many of Breyer horses from 2018- 2020. They are all available on their website.

I've included Popular ones and some of my favorites. Some results are; Stingray, Minstrel, Justify, Verdades, Protocol, and more. I hope you have fun and enjoy my quiz!Thank you!

Created by: Kennedi
  1. What gender are you?
  2. (You are a horse) What saddle do you like better?
  3. (You are still a horse) What Discipline would you like to do?
  4. (You are you again) What color is your hair?
  5. Are you fast?
  6. What is your favorite horse color?
  7. Are you tall?
  8. Are you good at Jumping?
  9. What is your favorite breed of horse?
  10. Are you good at sports?
  11. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Breyer Horse am I?