Which Breyer Horse Are You?

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I bet you have all wondered what breyer you would trully be if you could be one well in this quiz you can find out will you be isdora cruce? Justa dream? Dark stallion? Or sato?

Her you will not only figure out which breyer you would be but what different breyers think in their own minds cool anint it I can't wait to see what you guys get good luck!

Created by: kirra
  1. You are grazing in a paddock when a little pony comes past struggling to get to get rid of his harness you..
  2. You have just won a race . Your owner puts you in the paddock with your friends you..
  3. A new mare/stallion has arrived you..
  4. You have some free time on your hands you..
  5. A horse challenges you for a mate you..
  6. You have a date with a really cute stallion he takes you ..
  7. Your favorite food is..
  8. You are grazing close to the fence when a kid with choclatey fingers comes up to you!
  9. Finally your out in the wild what do you do now...
  10. THANKS FOR DOING THIS QUIZ did you liek it [dosnt relate to answer]

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Quiz topic: Which Breyer Horse am I?