Find Your Breyer Type

Going to collect breyers? Here is a great quiz that will help you decide what kind you should collect!!!!! I truly believe that this quiz is accurate, but, why don't you see for yourself!

Ready to enter the world of model horse collecting? It is a great experience full of horses, art and collecting! Breyer is one of the best brands to collect from, since there are sooooooooo many to pick from!!!

Created by: Maddy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi! Welcome to my quiz! Why are you here?
  2. You do know that other question didn't count and this one doesn't either..?
  3. Time to get serious... How big is your house?
  4. How big is your wallet?
  5. Do you collect breyers? If no, skip the next question.
  6. Who's your favorite model?
  7. What would you do if you have/had breyers?
  8. If you had a horse, what, or how would you name it?
  9. Name?
  10. The quiz is almost over! What did you think?
  11. Will you tell others about this quiz?
  12. Ending statement:

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Quiz topic: Find my Breyer Type