why'd i have to fall in love? Part 1

okay i just thought of it now and i really hope you like it. Oh and comment or rate or do both. I hope you are impressed. Please be. I'd love to hear your thoughts (read them), so please, please comment

so its about Vida and her two best friends, a teen in her junior year in high school and Vida falls in love with her boy best friend who is dating her girl best friend. Vida- a tomboy melissa- girly girl Nick- a little bit of a nerd

Created by: Gabriella2
  1. so hi people, i decided to make this. I hope you like it
  2. i looked at the couple behaving all lovey-dovey in front of me. I sighed loudly and their attention came back to me. ''sorry, Vida he's just so cute'' melissa squealed. ''you're cute too'' nick said. Melissa giggled and they got back to making out in FRONT OF HER, don't they have any decency? She decided they weren't going to stop to do their homework so she just left them and went to Melissa's room.
  3. she didn't actually want to do homework, she just wanted to spend time with Nick. Even if he was dating her girl best friend and he was her boy best friend (even if she wouldn't admit it), she actually fell in love with him but he would never love her back. There were lots of reasons why he wouldn't, first, she's a tomboy and melissa was a girly girl. She wore pants and melissa wore skirts. And he was dating melissa.
  4. ''why'd i have to fall in love with him'' vida said outloud without noticing her best friends entered the room. ''Vida that's great, who'd you fall in love with'' Melissa said, too excited to see a suprised and scared look on Vida's face. ''uh, nobody'' Vida said with fear in her voice. ''come on tell us, Vida'' Nick said equally as excited as Melissa. ''Shut it Nick, just because you're dating Melissa doesn't give you the right to ask about my personal life'' Vida said putting up her bully act.
  5. 'woow there Vida, no need to get your pants in a twist'' Nick said with a smirk. ''stop it you guys'' Melissa shouted with a frown. ''please melissa don't interupt'' Nick said still facing Vida. Vida loved arguing with him because his attention was only on her not melissa. ''please you guys stop'' melissa said pretending to be at the brink of tears because they always stopped when she did that but today it almost worked. Almost.
  6. ''i'm sorry, melissa, i didn't to make you cry'' Nick said softly. ''me too, mels'' Vida said with the same tone and Nick. ''you know i'm sorry, Nick'' Vida said with a smile. ''nah, it was my fault'' Nick said with a smile. ''i started the fight so it was my fault'' Vida said her smile slowly disappearing. ''but then i was invading your personal space'' Nick said, taking a stand. ''Nick, don't argue, i said it was my fault'', while they continued fighting, melissa just left them.
  7. so, watch out for part 2
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