How well do you know Fall Out Boy?

There are many good bands that people love, but a popular one is Fall Out Boy! I love Fall Out Boy, but not everybody does. Test your knowledge of Fall Out Boy here!

Do you know Fall Out Boy? Find out here by answering these easy questions about them. Thanks to this quiz, you'll find out if you are a FOB god or an average fan.

Created by: Isabella

  1. How many people are in FOB?
  2. What's Pete's dog's name?
  3. Who is Patrick Stump?
  4. Who is Andy Hurley?
  5. Who is Pete Wentz?
  6. Who is Joe Trohman?
  7. What album is the song, "Bang the Doldrums", from?
  8. Which of the band members is vegan?
  9. Who out of the band wears eyeliner?
  10. Which of the below answers is FOB's song that has no vowels in the title?
  11. Who does Screamo in the band?
  12. Fill in these lyrics: "I thought I ____ you, but it was just how you ____ in the light"
  13. Fill in these lyrics: "True romance is _____, I _____ it in the ____ then in the head."

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fall Out Boy?