do you love yourself?

loving oneself is never easy and comes with a lot of work and practise. it is okay to fall anywhere within the spectrum of this quiz. because you are never alone no matter where you fall.

so, do you love yourself? or are you not quite sure? let this quiz help you identify where you fall and perhaps some tips on how to help yourself. much love to you and yourself xx

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  1. when you look in the mirror you see
  2. when others compliment you, your response it
  3. when you see an outfit you really like at the mall you
  4. when you see a super attractive person you:
  5. when you walk
  6. if you could describe yourself in three words you would say
  7. when you speak to people you
  8. when an opportunity arrives you
  9. when a boy or girl you like romantically approaches you, you
  10. when you do something embarrassing you

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Quiz topic: Do I love myself?