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    I wish he could be my real life boyfriend b'coz he is king of hearts of many girls i absolutely LOVE HIM

    Happy AJ May 4 '13, 12:58PM
  • Cody Simpson is my celeb bf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! I love Robert Pattinson, SO HOT

    BadBihh Jan 31 '13, 6:52PM
  • Twilight :( where's Draco from HP?? Oh well it's better than Dustbin Beiber

    CartmanIsCool Aug 22 '11, 11:50AM
  • oh i got jonas brotherss....they are reeeaally gooddd...:) i just love them....they are so cutee !!!! GOOOD thank you

    elina Jun 5 '11, 11:19AM
  • please what's the problem with justin bieber? i think he' cute and talented.....you guys have to be EXTREMELY pathetic so to talk aboyt justin's family and mom and dad and talk bad about him when you don't even know his whole namee....just shut the f--- up for once in your freeking pathetic and boring life...alrightt??? you don't like him , we got it but you won't make me change my mind about him....get over yourdelf , grow up and try to find something to do so as to fix tour facee......

    elina Jun 5 '11, 11:17AM
  • @ dispicablesharon : jeez I hate Justin beaver too but woah. I just wish he would go away. it doesn't have to be quite so violent. it can be really close though. violence is not the answer, violence is the question , yes is the answer. haha. but honestly people, why do you want to listen to a 10 year old sing? he's not even good. why don't you just listen to kidsbop or something? mmmkkay bye.

    coolme3 Sep 12 '10, 9:43PM
  • eewwwww. I got the Jonas brothers nooooo. none of the other choices were any better though. I didn't know who a lot of them were but I hate the ones I did know. why didn't you have Billie Joe Armstrong or mike dirnt or tre cool as any of the choices?!?! they're from green day that's my favorite. but if you're gonna have just Disney people you couldda had David henrie as one of them he's the only hot guy on Disney. besides Micky mouse of course haha. umm bye [c:

    coolme3 Sep 12 '10, 9:39PM
  • I like justin bieber he looks nice and sweet who ever gets justin bieber iz lucky!!! i wish i kud have him but like i said i'd rather get to know him so he has a chance 2 know me before we dated!!! but likes thats ever gunna happen!!!LOL

    LaDuke23 Feb 25 '10, 10:16AM
  • Your Result: Jonas Brothers

    you can have any one that you want. or if you want to date all thats totally up to you. these guys are so hott. they have there own show and are extremely funny.

    yay, I want Joe plz.

    animals1234 Feb 21 '10, 2:59PM
  • YES!!! I got Taylor Lautner!!! I love him he is so H-O-T HOT!!!

    brittbritt Nov 28 '09, 10:58PM
  • YES! i got Justin Bieber!!!

    rawadventure Nov 28 '09, 9:20PM
  • Yes I love Taylor Lautner

    Tiff Tiff Nov 10 '09, 6:02PM
  • ...Huh?

    I like music Nov 6 '09, 4:34AM
  • who the hell are these people???? i got justin bieber

    by the comments he sounds good..

    rawry Nov 5 '09, 1:55PM

    coffe23 Nov 5 '09, 12:51AM
  • Jonas brothers??? ah kill me now!
    I wanted justin bieber!

    mikenza Nov 4 '09, 7:56PM
  • Taylor Lautner/ Rob Pattinson

    you must like twilight if you get this result. you can either be with taylor or rob. there both hott. also there both shy and probably fun to be around if you want to date someone down to earth.

    rm68 Nov 2 '09, 5:11PM
  • YEAH I love Justin Bieber!!!He sooooo hott !!!!!!!!!!!But I wouldn't trade the boy i like right now for Justin .

    Xy624 Oct 25 '09, 12:52AM

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