Who would you date? (Rpg quiz)

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Meet Angel a girl who's new in town and join her on her first day of school find out who her love interest may or may not be. If you love role play or just want to do something fun this quiz is for you.

It is a continuous quiz new updates added annually, hoping you like it and I hope you have as much fun exploring Angel's world as I had making it. The only problem is, are you ready for the Result?

Created by: Alizany

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  1. Your new in town and today is your first day at a new school you put on your new white summer dress and green cardigan when your mother knocks on your door. "Angel" hurry up or you're going to be late. Once outside you realize you forgot your notebook you..
  2. After you've gotten all settled into the car your mother turns to you and asks "so I know you hate being new to school you could stay home today if you'd like and start next week" you say it's fine and then your off. 10 minuets later your at the school and instantly spot two guys One is tough looking the other is nerdy. You quickly get out of the car and spill the contents of your bag when nerdy boy comes over and offers to help you, he says his name is Dessy..
  3. The bell suddenly chimes and you stand up walking into the building looking at your schedule you realize your first class is music you head to the band room outside you notice a guy holding a guitar he smiles he seems to be charming an sweet and you..
  4. In class the guitar guy sits beside you and you two start to talk he says his names Jace and you say yours is Angel it's easy to open up to him he seems to already understand you he invites you to a band opening on the weekend just as the bell chimes you..
  5. The next class is PE which you hate you spend the time running and playing volleyball. Before you know it the class is over and you head to the cafeteria in the line you bump into another guy he looks at you oddly and grabs his food turning to leave he asks if your new you smile and say yes something about him keeps you guessing out of the corner of your eye you spot that tough looking guy from earlier he seems to be staring at you but you cant be sure you..
  6. After lunch you decide to go for a walk the next block is a spare anyway. While outside you spot the guy from the line he has his back to you and you notice he's drawing what looks like a cartoon character on his binder his appearance is so mature your surprised to see it suddenly he shifts and glances behind him slamming his book down he gets up. You gasp realizing he probably thinks your noisy you apologize and he smiles at you you take a seat next to him soon he starts to warm up to you, asking you what cartoon you like you answer him..
  7. After your chat you realize that his name is Demitri and he seems so adult but is really kind of childish you enjoy spending the rest of the block talking and drawing with him the more time you spend the closer you fell with him the bell soon chimes though and you say good bye he asks you if you'd like to eat lunch with him tomorrow and you..
  8. As long as your outside you take the long way to science your last block outside the doors you see a small golden locket, unsure of who dropped it you..
  9. Distracted by the locket you miss the bell arriving late to class you take a seat next to that tough looking guy he looks at you and asks to borrow a pencil you..
  10. After class the tough guy corners you in a old staircase asking your name. You tell him and he says his is Angelo you find yourself being snappy an sarcastic and he seems to like it you find this guy annoys you so much but he keeps you on your toes when he suddenly kisses you, you..
  11. (TO be continued......)

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