Are you a band geek?

Many people go through band every year at schools across the world. Some are doing an easy class to skate by because general music sucks. Some are people who sit there and pretend to play.

Some are people who enjoy band, but they dropped out. Many people are band geeks in high school/college. This quiz here will tell you if you are a band geek or just an ordinary band player, or some n00b who isn't in band.

Created by: HighlyIntel
  1. How many scales exist in all?
  2. Name 3 woodwind instruments.
  3. When a C is written in place of a common time signature, what is the time signature?
  4. What is (or was, or will be) your favorite time of the year?
  5. What is the top part of 3/4 mean on sheet music?
  6. What is a baton?
  7. A saxophone (all types) is a brass instrument.
  8. Which is NOT a real nickname for a college band?
  9. What is your favorite time of a football game (high school/college)?
  10. It's all about the...
  11. Which extracurricular band activities do you participate in (or will)?

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Quiz topic: Am I a band geek?