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  • Thank you! Milo and I... We just both... Well, meh. We were just hanging out at his place, chilling, as usual. Hunter comes over and he glares at me goes like, "well, Milo. Guess u were right. Maybe u 2 were ment to be together." me, "wtf?!" Milo blushese, and when hunter leaves, he tells me it was him that started a rumor at school that we were going out. Why didnt he just ask me out?! I would've said yes, but not now. We start screaming at each other, and I remember from a few years past, when we were in 6th grade, and he got me a referral, because of a bunch of lies. All he did was say, "sry man! Heck, is it ok?" *me being stupidly nice* "ya, sure." he's not a tru friend. I should hang wit girls more. They're more sensitive.

  • part 3, *being nosy* what happened with u and Milo, u don't have to answer, but if u want to go to love, loved or is it love again, forum in dating and relationship,

    I luv ur quiz

  • part 3

  • Yaaawwnnning. Cooommmmeeenntt.


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