Who will you fall for part twoooo

Ok, new guy! Beautiful blue/green/teal eyes, brendans brother, light brown hair that is always messed up, broke up with you. Because a rumor that MILO spread. Ur supposedly BFF.

Oh, and milos an idiot. We just had a huge fight ( beacuz of WAT hunter said) and I think our friendships ruined. Ur still BFF's in this story tho. Most of you guys all got Seth. Only 2 other people commented tho. :( sad face.

Created by: ShUdduP

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  1. You dream... About....
  2. Milo. He stares at you, with wide, unblinking eyes. You stare at those beautiful wide green eyes. You try to sit up, but ur head throbs. He gently places his hand on the back of your head. It automatically feels better.
  3. You ask, "wh-why were you pissed off?" "I cant tell you ____. I wish I could..." he smiles sadly. He gives you smething. Then you wake up. It's a note.
  4. You recognize ur surroundings. Uv been here before... It has thE same sign that said, "No parking!" and the same caution tape all over his bed, which ur lying on now. It has the same posters, and... A picture of you on his wall? And his freaking boxers!? He comes in. "Nice boxers bro." he blushes. He noticed that you noticed the picture. He blushes harder, and you feel like the room gets warmer...
  5. "why'd it get hot in here?" u ask. "cuz, um, I'm got superpowahs." he blurts. You look at his eyes, his oh so Brendanish eyes, and u hear, "I love her..." u blush.
  6. You think, "awkward..." and walk out. You bump into brendans brother. (ya. Another guy.) his names hunter, he has messed up light brown hair, like he just woke up, he has beautiful big blue green teal eyes, and hes wearing black skinny jeans, a vans shirt, and an unbuttoned checkered black and white shirt. He glares at u with something in his mouth and goes all like, "wha-*eating sounds*-do u want ____!?" you know him, you guys used to date, until he dumped u.
  7. Why'd u dump me!? U scream accidentally. "I... You know! Milo told me what u 2 did! How could you- Never mind." he leaves. Wtf? U think. Out of no where, Luke shows up. "____!" he screams. "huh." u say unexcitedly. He babbles, "Guess what! I has a superpower! So do u!" he goes on and on until Jake calls him over to play hockey with the rest of the guy. You walk over. You love hockey, and you guys play field hockey for a while, then switch to football. Then grant said, "guys, we need to show ____ her room!" theirs not enough rooms so u sleep......
  8. Brendan says, "here, hunter has the biggest room, and a window bed thing." " Why am I here? Why do I have to live here? What are u guys doing? What's with the super powers?! Are u mental?!" you screech, looking pretty mental urself. One of the guys explains everything to u.
  9. Seth explains everything. And he says, "I wish it was US sharing a room *wink*" ew. You think. Perv. You settle down in ur new room. Once you enter, a pang of familiarness hits you. Hunters/ur new room. Damn.
  10. You open the note. It has.....

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall for part twoooo