jacob or edward which one will fall for you? part 5

the vamp lovers saga continues yay!

do you have what it takes to be the next Mrs. Black or Mrs. Cullen? take my quiz and find out!

Created by: vamp lover

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  1. you wake up in a hospital bed but you're not in a hospital! "Where the heck am i?" you think. you feel something hot by your right side and something really cold on your left
  2. you look to your right and see Jacob with a black eye that's slowly healing and you look to the other side and edward is looking at you with the eyes that you get lost into every time. "How are you feeling?" he asked. "Fine." you say.
  3. "Jacob squeezes your hand and you look over at him. his black eye is gone. "i feel really hot." you think, edward says. "Get outta here dog." from across the room. Jacob growls. "Make me Blood Sucker" you are getting tired of this so you rip your hands away from thier and put them on they're chests "Ease up guys." you say
  4. you feel a sharp pain on the top of your head and you almost shriek at the sudden pain. "Carlisle she needs more pain meds!" edward calls, in came a man with blond hair and golden eyes like edwards and he fiddles with the IV connected to you hand the pain eases up and you feel drowsy
  5. "you can sleep ___," he says gently "we'll both be here when you wake up then we'll tell you everything when your better." he whispers kissing your head gently.
  6. you fall asleep and have a rather wierd dream! you're in the forest and you feel that you have fangs but your a wolf!you see the vampires that attacked you and kill them!. you feel a presence and look back Jacob and edward make their ways over to you, then you wake up!
  7. you wake up screaming then......CLIFFFHANGER!!!!!
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