Who well do you know me(arione36)

OK FREAKIN GTQ MADE ME DO THIS.But this is a quiz to see how well you know me.the only people who could get a good score are my 2 bffttoes gabe and alma.Have fun(i guess) :) BYE HUGS

WELL FREAKIN GTQ IS MAKIN ME DO IT AGAIN.>:( Hopefully you do good.Im not sure if this wuz a hard or easy quiz.im very tired and my hands hurt.I love you all very much(i guess)bye gives hug :)

Created by: Arione36

  1. What is my fav color
  2. Who is my bestfriend on Gotoquiz
  3. What do i eat
  4. Fav food
  5. My fav animal
  6. What is my personality
  7. Fav kid shows
  8. Fav quote(s)
  9. GENDER :)
  10. My birthday
  11. Where do i live(last ?)

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Quiz topic: Who well do I know me(arione36)