I really don't want to write this but I have too. umm..I made this quiz to test how good people know me. these are pretty hard questions about unless you know me at leasta little bit it will probably be a disaster for you.

I really only made this quiz to put on my myspace..but you can still test it out,and if you don't know anytthing just try to guess I can't promise you a good score..but I wish you all luck!!

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  1. what was i supposed to be named when i was born?
  2. how old am i?
  3. when is my birthday?
  4. what color eyes do i have?
  5. who is my "sister"?
  6. how many half siblings do i have?
  7. what is one of the biggest parts in my life?
  8. what sport have i played on a team for 3 years?
  9. what's my main personality?
  10. who are my favorite teachers?
  11. what is my favorite color?
  12. what kind of style am i?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY KNOW ME??