my quiz is awesome

I was bored, so I made a quiz about me. yeah, that's pretty much it. How well do you know me? I want to see how well people do. This will show me if you know me that well, or just know me a little

I just wanted to see how well people can do with presenteed with some easy questions about a person, mixed with some semi-hard ones. Kind of a test to see how well you listen or how good your memory is.

Created by: Ben Stevens

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. What is my favorite video game series?
  3. Who is my girlfriend?
  4. What is my favorite song?
  5. What is my favorite book series?
  6. What is my favorite thing to eat?
  7. What is my favorite anime?
  8. What is my birthday?
  9. What is my favorite thing to write with?
  10. Who is my favorite video game character?
  11. Where was I born?
  12. Where did I grow up?
  13. Who do I hang out with?
  14. Which do I do most often?
  15. Who would I die to protect?
  16. What do I call my dog?
  17. What is my favorite type of ice cream?
  18. What is my favorite drink?
  19. Which of these do I have?
  20. Why am I not emo anymore?

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