Do you know the real me?

There are many people that know stuff about me, but true few really know everything. there are some phsycics but, few! if you guess and are lucky, freakin' cool!

Do YOU know everything about me? if you did it would be quite cool! But, i made this quiz for pure fun! Not to test phsycic ability! i love my life!!!

Created by: Rainey Block

  1. What is my fav flavor of ice cream?
  2. Are my parents divorced?
  3. Do i like birds?
  4. Am i popular?
  5. Am i engaged?
  6. Does my ring have alot of diamonds?
  7. Am i weird?
  8. Am i suicidal?
  9. ( you: i hate you)
  10. bye!
  11. last one, which do i hate most?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the real me?