Build a sundae and find out what ice cream flavor you are

Hello everyone ! Imagine yourself at the local ice cream parlor ... The little bell above you rings and someone welcomes you to the store . As you wait behind the person in front you wonder what you will get . Then you think , I wonder if I could be an ice cream flavor ...

My quiz will tell you want ice cream flavor you are ! It also will tell you a little about your personality and what your friends might think of you . All you have to do is build a sundae !

Created by: hanaa of
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  1. How many scoops ?
  2. bowl , cone or straight out of the carton ?
  3. how will you be eating this ?
  4. Will you be sharing this ?
  5. What will be you first scoop ?
  6. What will be your second scoop ?
  7. Third scoop anybody ?
  8. What kind of sauce will you add ?
  9. whipped cream ? yes or no.
  10. What kind of fruit will you add ?

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