ben 10 the quiz

If you took this test then congratulations if you got 100% maybe i should of made it harder cause that was really easy wasn't it if you got less then that then boo your rubbish it's easy watch more ben 10.

are you a genius are you brilliant did you score 100% on this quiz then i guess you are a genius and i guess you are brilliant but did you score 100% or did you cheat because if you cheated then your just cheating on yourself.

Created by: michaela MOFFATT

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  1. what is the smallest alien
  2. what is bens hardest rival to defeat
  3. what is his grandpa's name
  4. what is his cousin's name
  5. what is ben's full name
  6. what alien is the strongest
  7. how old is ben
  8. what was his grandpa's job
  9. how did ben get the omnitrix
  10. put these names in alphebetical order
  11. in the future what does ben become

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