How Much Of A Phangirl Are You Really?

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Do you really love Dan and Phil? Well here is a quiz to test and see how much of a PhanGirl you really are. There is 15 "easy" questions with three types of Phangirl you are.

Sorry if this quiz is too easy, obvious, stupid, hard, etc, but i was bored and if you liked it I will make another one next week but it will be a little harder.

Created by: toxicskeleton27
  1. Who's the tallest out of the two?
  2. What is the band they love the most? (Together)
  3. What's Phil's last name?
  4. What's Dan's Middle Name?
  5. What's their Gaming channel's name?
  6. Who tops and who bottoms?
  7. What's their sims family names?
  8. Who fell off their chair and spilled coffee everywhere while playing fnaf 1?
  9. What's their ship name?
  10. Who said this?: "You shouldn't make fun of something a person can't change about themselves."
  11. What is group their group of four friends called and who is in it?
  12. What cult is Phil part of? What cult is Dan the leader of?
  13. Last Question: In what video did Dan "accidentally" hit Phil's bum?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Phangirl am I Really?