How much of a Phangirl are you?

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Dan Howell, some British kid who happens to be an Internet cult leader. Phil Lester, a five year old with a grown man's body. How do these two awesome YouTubers have anything in common? And, more importantly, how much do they really have in common? That's what we're here to find out- or, in some cases, make up.

Have you ever heard of the Phandom? Whether you have or not, this quiz could open your eyes. Keep on mind that while this quiz should be entertaining, your score doesn't necessarily reflect how much of a Phangirl you truly are, as some questions are a matter of personal opinion. Anyway, have fun.

Created by: ilovepuppyz
  1. Let's start off simple. Do you know who Dan Howell and Phil Lester are?
  2. Do you know what 'shipping' means? (Not what you pay when you buy something online.)
  3. Are you homophobic?
  4. Now that we've covered the most basic basics, do you know what the Phandom is?
  5. Have you ever read Phanfiction?
  6. Have you ever drawn/intentionally searched for Phan-art?
  7. Now we'll go a bit further and ask some general knowledge questions. When did Phil film his first video with Dan?
  8. What is 'the video that shall not be named'?
  9. Regarding the previous question, what was in the video?
  10. Where do the cat whiskers come from?
  11. According to one of his YouNows, Dan is a full time Internet
  12. Phil is a
  13. Do Dan and Phil read Phanfiction?
  14. Do Dan and Phil live together?
  15. Have you ever cried/gotten really frustrated/gotten really happy over Phan?
  16. One final, simple question: Do you ship Phan?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Phangirl am I?