Pokemon Quiz (Generation 5)

There are many generations of Pokemon, from 1 to 7. But for this, this is a test of the 5th generation of Pokemon. What is Pokemon? I'm sure you already know. This is just the easy version. There are more harder versions online.

Do you know the 5th gen? Have you wondered if your brain is Professor Juniper or Colress level? Find out. But please, don't take any stress. Take it easy. Take your time. Good luck, best wishes.

Created by: Gita
  1. What is the Gen 5 series of called?
  2. Which is a season of the series?
  3. Which is the main region of gen 5?
  4. Who is Ash's male companion?
  5. Who's Ash's female companion?
  6. In "Adventures In Unova and Beyond", where did Ash and his friends want to go?
  7. Dawn mentioned a guy that was always falling in love, saying males can be such a pain. Who is he?
  8. Who is the trainer with Sawk?
  9. Who accidentally pushes Ash into water almost every time they met?
  10. What is Cilan's Japanese name?
  11. What is Iris' Japanese name?
  12. What did hypnotized Meowth/Beheeyem call Ash, Jessie, and James?
  13. The guy with green long hair. Who is he?
  14. Is N a bad guy?
  15. Which starter did Ash evolve this time?
  16. What is the local evil organization?
  17. Who do you get to play in the games? (male)
  18. Who do you get to play in the games? (female)
  19. Who is the leader of the local Evil Organization?
  20. Bye! (pick scissors it's the right answer!)

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