Easy maths quiz!

Well, it looks like its another one of those plain old maths quizzes! I know that this quiz will probably be really easy, and you will speed through it. But oh well, at least I tried!

So please take this quiz to find out how much of a good mathematician you are. Most of the questions in this quiz will be easy, some of them slightly harder.

Created by: Bora of This is it
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  1. Well, this will probably be quite easy.
  2. So let's get started!
  3. Warm up question: 12+67=?
  4. 10+5-17=?
  5. If a=5, b=4, and c=3, what is 2b+5a-3c=?
  6. 200í·5=?
  7. If Katie has £10 and she buys 3 apples, at 50p each, how much change would she have from £10?
  8. What is 12²?
  9. If Jack has £60 and he buys 4 books, priced at £5.00 each, how much money would he have left?
  10. What is ¼ of 32?
  11. Calculate 1250í—2=?
  12. Ok, that's it. Let's see how much of a maths genius you are!

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