Who's your future love? part 4

part 4 here ya go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you like 1? how bout 2? 3? Well you'll love this one

Created by: Staryie128

  1. You cry warm tears of hate and fear. You look around and see no one in sight except these beasts. Your legs are week from practice so you can't run or hide you know they smell your fear!
  2. You shiver at the thought of what they can do to you. One of the wolves growled and shraped his paws on the wheat. The one next to him prepares to leap for you. You raise your sword and put your sheild on your arm. They all growl in unison. You sigh and say "Who's first". One turns human and says "Me but first do you know what year it is?". You hesitate that flash was from a time machine wasn't it. "No" you say caustionly. "3012" He says cleaverly.
  3. He turns back into a wolf on crack and you raise your sword expectingly and say "Bring it crack head!!". He leaps at you and you cut where a boy shouldn't be hurt at. He turns human and screams grabbing his unmetionables. You take advantage of this monment and slice his head clean off. "Who's next".
  4. They all leap at once at you. You spin in a circle until you hear the sounds of agonny fill your ears. When you finally stop they all have died from the suffering. You smile at your victory. Then you realize Jayden and Mike are in trouble!!
  5. You run faster then the speed of light. (well that's how it feels anyway). Your legs have a mind of it's own and go what feels like a giant circle. Then you end up at a huge building, with wolf guards.
  6. The guards perk up their ears and sniff the air. "They smell me!" you whisper to yourself. They head towards you. You quickly climb the tallest tree. They stop at the tree and look up. Please don't see me please please don't see me. They growl in frustration then turn human.
  7. "I thought I smelled somthing" says one of the were's (were=werewolf). "Me to, maybe it was those idiots in the slammer." They smell themselves one says "I smell like anyother werewolf". "Same here" says the other. "Maybe it's the chic our vampress wanted." "Maybe". Vampress rings in your ears you jump to the next tree over closer to the building.
  8. You finally reach the building so you go on the roof. You look around for a hatch or another door. You see a door across the roof, you run without making a sound. You reach the door.
  9. You reach for the door and the nob giggles itself. You run to hide but there is nowhere to hide so you run behind the door. A girl about your age walks out with a dress draging while she walks. Its black. She looks like you alot like you. She is complaining to herself. then the word vampress came into your head.
  10. She turns towards you but you hide you hear her footsteps come towards you.
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Quiz topic: Who's my future love? part 4