What will be your future job?

everyone wants to know there future job or what they would be good at and this quiz gives answers!ok well it needs to be like ya know make your own quiz! ssooooooo ya know!

your obviosly a good person love ya kennadee (dee dee)same as last paragragh needd ta do blahblah this is kinda annoying it is not in english class! love ya again deedeee

Created by: Kennadee

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you have how many children?
  2. there is no one in life you can depend on
  3. all your friends describe you as funny and fun to be around
  4. you love to be around kids and think they are awesome
  5. you love to make people laugh
  6. your name begins with z
  7. you dont mind being alon
  8. your a coupon cutter
  9. you a smart person
  10. what job would you like

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Quiz topic: What will be my future job?