Who's your future love? part 3

Here's #3 hope you love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you like 1? did you like 2? well if they are both yes then you'll looooooovvvvvvveeeeee the 3rd one yay yay yay yay

Created by: Staryie128

  1. You go to the edge of your bed and you see a giagantic wolf on steroids. You gasp and go back until you hit the wall. Was that Mike? You ask yourself but you try to say it wasn't. Then Mike comes in with the others.
  2. "What is at the end of my bed" you ask with your voice cracking. "A werewolf" says Mike panting for air. "Then what are the burn marks from did it breath fire".
  3. "We can control the four elements" says Eric. "I can control earth, Jayden is water, Mike is fire, Alex is air." said Eric.
  4. "That's why there are burn marks everywhere Mike was fighting that thing" says Alex. "After I killed it I went to go find the others. Mainly Eric beacuse he might know why that monster was after you." says Mike as his eyes begin to water up. You can tell he wants you safe. "Testing will begin tomorrow. Right now you'll go with Jayden and Mike to train." Says Eric.
  5. You listen to Eric and fallow Jayden and Mike. Your excited because with werewolves after you you want to kick there a**es. They stop in the feild of wheat and hand you a sword and a triangle with loops on the back. You put your arm through the loops and it turns into a sheild. Then you see wolves come out of nowhere they stop. "Don't hurt them to much they were nice enough to help you practice so don't try to kill them" explains Jayden.
  6. You raise your sword ready to fight. Mike signals them to attack. At first you want to scream but then you cut deeply into one of the wolves. You feel like you have power over them so you cut it again again and again til it turns human and says "good job now get me that elixar". Mike hands him an elixar and he audomatically heals he goes over by Mike and Jayden. That's when you realize he's naked.
  7. You look at the other one it backs up a little. Then it pounces. In mid air you slice it's chest and hit it away with your sheild. It get's up asking for more. It dashes towards you and you cut deeply into it's legs and wack it a couple of times with your sheild. She turns human and again naked she grabs the elixar and heals.
  8. They all congratulate you on your victory. The werewolves howl and you see three others. "These ones you can kill they arn't friends" says Mike.
  9. You take out the first two easy peasy. All you did was do the same thing you did to the nice ones just this time killing them. The last one saw your techniqes so you have to think of a new one. he jumps at you goes over you and tries to get you from behind but you spin around cuting him then you slice off his head smoothly.
  10. You dance around screaming "I WON I WON!!!!!". Then you hear growls from behind you and four more come out of hiding. You fall to the ground to tired to fight Jayden and Mike were captured by the other two and taken away your all alone.
  11. Commet rate and come back for the next one cliffhanger muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! (This question has no effect)

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Quiz topic: Who's my future love? part 3