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  • Your Result: Ryanne

    Ryanne is your best bud. She moved in next door (or somewhere close) and you two just hit it off. You go hiking, walking, biking, racing; for a tomboy, she's the best friend you can have! You two don't really care all that much about fashion and the like, but there are so many more wonderful things to do, think about and explore!

    OMW! I think the maker of this quiz is stalking me! My Bff is Ryan (Spelling difference, but close enough). I met her not that long ago and we hit it off the 1st time we met. We LOVE doing things 2gether. We don't really care what's "Hot", and we'r both tomboys. =)

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Great quiz . Liz reminds me of my friend Eidi . She says that were sister i mean lost sisters .And she always tells me not to give up on my dreams . She is so nice .I think she is better than Jonathan (my other best friend) , but I don't want him to be my friend any more he's acting mean now !!! And i thought he was a true riend .:( Like in 4 grade i told my friends that i liked this boy and all of them went to tell him except Jonathan .

  • Mary. Haha I Just Got My New Bestie Today. Her Names Hailey. Shes Amazing. Lol I Just Got Her Phone Number. We Havent Gone To Eachothers Houses. SHE SOOOO FRIKEN AWESOME. JRGHFRGUO

  • Oh i had a tippo so i met to say friend . I really don't think he sould be my friend any more . Anyone have any avise .

  • Liz....Exactly!!!! I love My Bubba Ambz she is My Best Friend and a sister to me!!!!! XD I LOVE YOU AMBER-JADE!!!

  • wapygirl13
    yeah i liked it to

  • good quiz :) it waz awesome!!
    -SK8R GURL


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