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  • Who's your band boyfriend
    Your Result: Jake Pitts 80%

    Your boyfriend is the funny Jake Pitts from the band Black Veil Brides! Jake plays guitar and will always be loyal to you, he's always there for you to talk to when your stressed.

    77% Ashley Purdy
    76% Jinxx
    74% Christian Coma
    65% Oli Sykes
    65% Gerard Way
    61% Vic Fuentes
    51% Andy Biersack
    28% Jayy Von Monroe
    24% Dahvie Vanity

  • Your Result: Oli Sykes 88%

    resultYour boyfriend is the british babe himself Oli Sykes from the band Bring Me The Horizon! Oli is a singer and screamer and loves making you smile, when your not happy neither is he and he hates seeing you upset.

    72% Jayy Von Monroe
    55% Jinxx
    51% Christian Coma
    49% Ashley Purdy
    49% Jake Pitts
    49% Gerard Way
    39% Dahvie Vanity
    38% Vic Fuentes
    19% Andy Biersack

  • XD I could HARDLY answer any of the questions because I love all of them ;-; I listen to these bands 24/7!

  • I got jayy but it was so hard to pick ;;
    One does not simply have one favorite band


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