Who's Like Your Inner Musician?

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Many people compare themselves to famous singers, songwriters, and well musicians. Most musicians have to be exceptional to make it in the music business, but I don't think that. I think that you have to be you to do so. So let's get a new view---On your inner musician.

Who's like your inner musician? I bet I've raised your curiousness about the subject, so why not find a way to find out. And exactly how do you do that quickly and easily? Take my quiz and found out who's like YOUR inner musician!

Created by: SmallvilleLuv
  1. First of all, who do you like more out of these musicians? (And if you don't know any of them, that's fine.)
  2. What's your NATURAL hair color?
  3. Out of these options, what instrument would you play? Or would you rather be the mixer/DJ?
  4. Which category of music do you like better?
  5. Which of the following 3 options fits you better?
  6. Pick one (1)
  7. Pick one (2)
  8. If you wanted to boost your music career, what would you do to get more noticed?
  9. You think of yourself as . . . . ?
  10. Pick one (3)
  11. Did you like my quiz? (No effect on result.)
  12. If someone made fun of you, what would you say about/to them?
  13. Haha. . . Ok, ok, I know the "did you like my quiz?" question should've meant it was over. Sorry, I played a prank. I'm done. go get your result!

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Quiz topic: Who's Like my Inner Musician?