Are you a TRUE musician? (only for instrument players)

There are many musicians in the world who think they are good musicians. They might be, and they might not be, no one can really truthfully tell for sure.

Until this quiz! If you are one of those musicians who think they're good musicians but aren't sure, take this 25-question quiz! It will tell you how much of a true musician you really are. Enjoy! See you at the end! (If you make it to the end! MWAHAHAHAHAH!)

Created by: Music knowledge queen
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First off, what do you THINK your answer will be?
  2. Now, what do you WANT your answer to be?
  3. How many instruments do you play?
  4. Out of those instruments you play or used to play, is either of them piano?
  5. Is either of them violin?
  6. Is either of them a wind instrument?
  7. About how long do you practice on all instruments total?
  8. About how many days out of the week do you practice that much on all instruments total?
  9. Are you a singer?
  10. How many eighth notes are in the time signature of 'C'?
  11. How many half steps are in between E and A? Remember not to include E and A!
  12. How many sharps are in the key of B major?
  13. If you are a string instrument player, do you use the Suzuki book method?
  14. Tell me who Dvorak was. DO NOT GOOGLE IT!
  15. Do you get private lessons?
  16. About how often do you get private lessons?
  17. Do you read music well?
  18. How many clefs do you know? FLUENTLY?
  19. Are you serious about your instrument/instruments?
  20. How long are your private lessons?
  21. In your practice time, do you work hard on details?
  22. Violin and viola are similar in the way that they...
  23. Last question! What is your favorite type of music?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE musician? (only for instrument players)