The ultimate HIDE quiz(U cant handle this)

There are many great musicians in the world. Hide is the greates musician out of all musicans. A true musician are type of people who can bring hope and dreams and power to other people. Just like Hide

Are U a great musician like Hide? Do U have the essence of craziness that gives u your own stle of uniqu music? Now U will know what U got right now as an punk musican good luck.

Created by: ryu
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  1. What was hides first solo album
  2. What was the les paul that Hide had
  3. How many versions does the song DOUBT have
  4. how old was Hide when he created his first band Yokosuka saver tiger
  5. What was Hides unique part when he was a kid.
  6. Where did Hide get the idea of his trademark guitar the yellow heart
  7. What was Hides unique style of playing the guitar which he was known for the most
  8. When was Hide born
  9. The song tell me had a message to someone who wa it too
  10. Who was Hides best friend in xjapan
  11. What did Yosiki do after Hides death
  12. What was the weird part about hides music taste
  13. What was hides favorite alchool
  14. What was the studio company that Hide started.
  15. What was xjapans sponsering production
  16. What was hides problem when he was a child
  17. What Plan did Yoshiki and Hide have after the break up of he band
  18. What happened to hides ashes
  19. What movie was Hide in

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