Who's better for Bella Swan?

Who do you think is the right Guy for Bella? Or do you feel that neither of them are good enough for her? Or that she's not good enough for either of them...

But, thnx to this quiz, you can express what you feel over these thirteen mind busting questions!!! Go ahead, try it out. I garuntee youll love it...

Created by: Jazie101 of Starlets
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  1. Which do you think Sounds Better?
  2. Which looks Better to you? [no urls] Or [no urls]%20SHOots/NewMoon-BellaSwanthumbnail.jpg Or [no urls]%20swan/samantha_ackashya/Twilight/140BellaSwan.jpg
  3. Do you think Bella should have just went on the road with Renee and Phillip?
  4. Do you think the story would have been better if she was already a Vampire, or already a Quilute?
  5. What if the story was backward? What if Edward was Charlies son, and Bella was Carslile's daughter? Would you enjoy reading that?
  6. So, lets say your on team Switzerland. Who do you choose? Be honest.
  7. Do you like Vampires, or Warewolfs more?
  8. Which one do you think is Hotter?
  9. So, Imagine your Bella. You put the personality facts of both of them together. Who do you choose?
  10. Ok. Your Still Bella. You just ound out both of their amazing secrets. Are you scared? What would you tell them?
  11. Ok, now pretend your Charlie. How do feel about the two boys? Go with your own personality.

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