Eva Bella fan quiz

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This quiz is about the great and awesome actress, Eva Bella. Eva stars in a lot of movies and television shows, Frozen and Shimmer and Shine are just a few.

This quiz will test how much you know Eva Bella. To find out how much of an Eva Bella fan you are, just answer the questions on this quiz about her to find out.

Created by: Vampirina

  1. Are you a fan of Eva Bella?
  2. Where was Eva born?
  3. What is Evas brothers name?
  4. What is Evas last name?
  5. What movie is Eva most known for?
  6. Who does Eva play in Jessica Darlings IT List?
  7. Who does Eva play in Shimmer and Shine?
  8. Who does Eva play in Frozen?
  9. Why did Eva start acting?
  10. Which of her co-stars did Eva become good friends with?

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